Ding 50

Well it was a big night in the Dreadnoks. We had 3 members (including myself) hit 50 last night. Grats to Beroya Valin and Jason Vader.

After hitting 50 we went back to New Flag just to celebrate and almost got into a tussle with Enforcers. Probably should have just fought it out but meh.

Something better came up and I spent the night working with some Outlanders and one T.A.O to farm some Volitile chemicals.

I managed to roll on one of them. I need 3 more to upgrade my current suit to the Volitile version. That can be dyed so I can run around as a green machine. Woot.

Yes I have a thing for green.

I also really need to farm up some chips for the rest of my re-spec and mutations as well as get those rallies in. I’ll actually only need 66 of them to make up the 131 AP I’m missing for the build I want.

Ok yeah that AND complete some faction missions or hit up Office Park to get some CHOTA faction. Right now I’m still sitting at Traveler because my damn Traveler faction is so high. Bleh.

The good news is that aside from farming chips, I’ve got some great friends that’ll help me out with this stuff. That really makes the whole game worthwhile.

Yeah I know they want to add more group content to Fallen Earth to make it more “group friendly” but forcing people to group up is just a recipe for disaster sometimes.

Personally I like the idea of grouping up because I WANT to and because I like the guys I’m grouping up with. But that’s just my two chips take it or leave it.

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