Kyoten Climbing to the Sky

Believe it or not I’m now level 48. Just two more levels and I’m at the level 50 cap for Fallen Earth.

Hell I might even have a spec worked out before Alpha County lands and borks my build.

Am I super pissed about that? Hell no.

I’ve played MMO’s long enough to know just what that disclaimer “Online play is subject to change” really means. If an MMO isn’t changing, it’s dying. That’s the last thing I want to see happen to Fallen Earth.

I look at it this way. If fewer actions make it easier for the developers to balance abilities on the back end AND make it cheaper/easier for people to get a grasp on them, then it’s not all bad.

Granted I do like the current combat system now that I’ve got a handle on it, but hey you gotta roll with the times.

As it stands now though I’m a crap load of AP away from getting my Crafter’s Alternative Melee build together. Once I’m done though I’ll have heal support from First Aid and Empathy as well as damage mitigation support from Telekinesis. I’ll have some melee buffs from Primal and I’ll have a snare in Telekinesis.

It’s not going to be cheap and easy to put together but I think it will suit my play style. I also won’t lose crafting which makes me a very happy Creep.

I LOVE the crafting in Fallen Earth. It’s positively addictive.

Right now though the real hurdle for my build is AP and cash. I have some points in all the wrong places and it’s gonna be a bugger to get them worked out. I’ll also have to drop Telepathy in exchange for Primal and Telekenisis.

That’s going to mean grinding for chips. Bleh. Not a ton of fun but it’ll be worth it. I calculated that I’d have to make about 70 Red chips to complete my re-spec. Since I’ve already got a good portion of that down I’m only looking at 50 Red now to complete the change.

I’m also short AP since I decided to go grinding instead of questing. After years of playing MMO’s I’m so bored with quests that I could gouge my eyes out with a fork.

It’s not that I don’t mind helping a random NPC get his tool kit so that he can finish working on whatever dohicking he was working on, it’s just that it seems like such a waste of time.

Instead of running out all over hell and gone I spend a few hours just strait up killing npcs and poof I have a level.

So much more efficient.

Yes it’s also really effing boring so I’m not recommending it to everyone. For me it’s not so bad because I have a great crew that’s keeping me going. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve made some great friends in Fallen earth and they take the edge off the grind. Without that kind of support I doubt I would have made it past level 25.

My next build hurdle though is AP. As it stands I’m going to be short some AP since I didn’t grind out AP missions. Fortunately Icarus added “Rallies” when they included the Terminal Woods patch.

Rallies reward you with AP after blowing some gas running a timed track. So instead of wandering through the wastes looking for AP quests I can just do some Rallies to help boost my AP.

So it looks like I’ll be doing over 80 Rallies to get enough AP to complete my build. That’s a LOT of gas. It’s also a LOT of time. Meh that’s what I get for grinding.

To have a solid build though will make the whole thing worth it. Even if I only have a solid build for a couple of days before things get blown out by the new combat system.

Any who I’m pretty freaking excited! This will be the first time I’ve level capped since Guild Wars. Even after all the time I’ve spent in WoW I never bothered to hit the level cap. It just never seemed to be worth it.

In Fallen Earth I can see that there’s gonna be so much for me to accomplish once I hit 50 that I’m actually excited to do so. Pretty crazy huh?

Well until next time I’m gonna be grinding it out in the wastes.

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