Well I know, long time no post. I’ve been working my ass off in game lately to get to level 50 and figure out how to PvP effectively.

After getting hacked to pieces last week I figured it was time to take a look at things objectively and figure out what I need to do. I’m contemplating my build and figuring out just what I want to end up with.

Fortunately for my clan, Missbee Haven was willing to give us a little Fallen Earth PvP training camp. As he said in the “Post Your Builds” post in the official forums, he’s willing to help people learn more about PvP. There is a steep learning curve to FE. There’s a lot of things that aren’t intuitive or super well described in game. Getting some tips from folks who PvP a lot and who have been in the PvP scene for a while, really helps you to get a grip on things.

Of course a lot of the advice is geared for level capped toons. But hey I figure I’ll get there soon enough.

I’m still not positive on which build I want to go with. I know that I don’t want to lose Empathy. That is one of the few mutations I have that I use frequently and love dearly. I also want to keep my Medic abilities. I’m just not sure how to keep those two and keep myself alive and/or do some damage.

So far I like the Crafter PvP Build Alternative – This one uses the Pale Horse and Sharing the Light Capstones, while I don’t think that as a traveler I can get my hands on Storm of Steel as I think that is a Lightbearer Capstone.

Though I’m not sure that I want to use Telekinesis. I hadn’t found it super useful and recently wiped it. I guess I’ll wipe Telepathy instead and start over again. Sheesh.

Right now I am starting to feel a bit of overwhelm. It’s going to cost some serious chips to re-spec and to buy up the skills/mutations I’ll need to make any build effective. That and just the time it’ll take to get used to using it. Time is NOT on my side right now. Since we’re going up against the Bronze pretty regularly and now we might be doing a little battle with Invicta as well.

I’m trying hard not to get frustrated and just let things happen. The re-spec injectors for levels 40 to 49 (?) cost almost 2 red a pop. I also have to update my skills and my mutations. Then I have to figure out how to use them all.

What fun huh?

Fortunately my clan is behind me. That really makes all the difference in the world. Yeah I’ll probably end up getting rofl stomped, but with this crew behind me I’m able to laugh off anything.

I am finally level 41. Just 9 more to level 50. Can you believe that? I’m almost level capped in an MMO!

While I want to do a write up on creating effective builds in Fallen Earth, it’ll all be pointless when the new combat changes go live. I guess now I’ll wait to see if the revisions to the combat changes mentioned in the May State of the Game stick. I’ll still probably work with some of the more experienced folks in PvP to get a good write up on some specs and spec alternatives so I’ll have a handy resource for myself and others to turn to.

Until next time I’ll be grinding away in the wastes.

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