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It looks like I’ll get to use the Fallen Earth PTS again here real soon. This Thursday the Progress Towns and the revised combat changes are due to hit the PTS. You can find more info about it here at the May State of the Game.

Of course this comes at a time where I’m fighting to 50 and debating on what my PvP build will be.

Thanks guys!

I’m not bitter I promise. An MMO that is pumping out new content and/or making changes, is an MMO that’s still breathing. While Fallen Earth may be growing at a slow and steady pace, changes are still taking place and new content is still popping into the game.

Sure to me new content doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot. For me almost all of the content is new.

Really I can’t wait to see what things look like on the PTS and I really hope that the combat changes are ready for prime time. I’m sure that it’ll bring some fight back to the PvP scene which is always a good thing.

The Progress towns will also be a nice add for the RP community. This will give them the opportunity to “build” their own little towns using the construction trade skill. It will also give them the opportunity to “defend” those towns from invading raider NPC’s.

I’m really going to have to see how this plays out on the PTS. From the description it seems like a non-factional PVE game addition. Which means that it’s not a “build your own” conflict town.

So Wednesday I’ll be hitting the PTS and checking this fun stuff out. Until then I’ll be grinding away in the wastes.

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