Calm Before the Storm

Well tonight my clan ended up in a PvP battle in New Flagstaff.

The battle started out with my clan getting our butt kicked pretty hard. I won’t even deny it. My clan doesn’t have many active level 50’s. Most of us are also crafters so it’s not like we’re min/maxed for hard core pvp.

As melee I was getting shot to bits before I even had a chance to get close enough to deal some damage. I did get in some pretty ninja like moments where I got up behind folks, but hey as a melee vs ranged, it was the best I could do. Especially when the person I’m going for is more than 10 levels bigger than I am. Honestly I’m surprised I managed to land hits at all.

Eventually some folks from my last clan Tribal Blood appeared on the scene. Great bunch of folks by the way, but all CHOTA clan. They joined in to help even out the teams for us a little bit. But we were still pretty heavy on melee and short on range, where they were quite the opposite. That and at one point it seemed like Enforcers were coming out of the wood work. Light Bearers and Techs were also showing up to participate.

It was Invicta’s Rally night, so there were already a bunch of people in the area. Usually the Enforcers try to start some kind of RP event on Invicta nights. Thing is that this time, we started a small war.

Eventually word made it’s way into CHOTA and Traveler faction chat. Folks were coming in from all over the place. Eventually it was kind of unfair in that the folks that were coming in were level 50 hard core PvP’rs. It was however cool to be running around New Flagstaff with some of the big names in Fallen Earth RP. Even if it was just for one night and all I did was throw a res or two until getting one shotted.

I actually had a blast and I’m getting into PvP. Now there’s something I NEVER thought I’d say.

Until next time I’ll be getting my ass handed to me in the wastelands.

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