Chillin' Like Villains

So the last couple of nights have been pretty hectic. On Tuesday night I logged in and started helping out a fellow blogger who is starting out in Fallen Earth again. There were lots of questions but hey, I love this game so I’m willing to answer whatever questions I can.

That night however, I pulled a rookie move and ended up logging into Beau’s tavern. If you have any plans to do anything other than RP for a night, never log out in Beau’s tavern. Just a heads up.

I did log into the start of an Invicta ride. I’d heard of them, but as a solo Lightbearer I hadn’t been cool enough to attend. Now as a Traveler and as a Dreadnok I can ride along with the cool kids.

I hopped on my bike and followed them out to a convenient spot in S2. Kinda scenic and real nice since it meant getting out of New Flag for a bit. Nothing super exciting happened, but we did end up having 3 Dreadnoks present at one point. That of course was pretty cool in and of it’s self.

I had to duck out early though. Using fast travel I made a quick dash down to watchtower to help out the fellow blogger with the group quests in that damn mine. I hate that doctor guy  so any chance I can get to run in and take him out I’m so down with. It was actually pretty fun and totally worth the trip.

One of my clan mates joined me in S1 just as I finished up helping out in the Mine. We decided to try getting the “Crimson Mask” for Geistig. It drops off a Serendipity Mob named “Night Wolf Slaughterdog” out at Reyes Mine. It wasn’t long before I was sporting my new ninja mask.

And yes now I’m the clan ninja. I guess all of my practice as a Rogue is paying off.

On Wednesday I hit up Rowdy’s Bunker bar of Blues. It’s a weekly event at the pond bunker bar in New Flagstaff. Sadly it’s the one night the New Flagstaff Enforcers take the night off to chill. That meant no action for me.

Tonight though is the Invicta Bike Rally. Since this is the night that all the rowdy folks show up there’s usually a pretty strong Enforcer presence. Chances are good that some good times will be had in New Flag this evening.

I however need to get some work done. I’ve been sitting on level 33 for days now and it’s driving me buggy nuts. Last night however I did duck out of the bunker bar a little early so that I could scavenge some scrap steel, update my melee skills, and head out to S3 for some more Lightbearer grinding. I’m just under 22K away from Racketeer and I really, REALLY want to hit that once I hit 35 so I can pick up a new shiny faction armor set to go along with the title.

So the question is do I head back to S2 for the Invicta shindig in the hopes that there will be some PvP action, or do I keep plugging away in S3 and work on hitting at least 35? Since I’m going to try logging in a little early, I’ll probably grind for faction and see how far I get before the rally starts.

Really all of this has me feeling like a chicken running ’round headless. Chances are I’m on the quick road to burn out if I don’t figure out how to balance leveling and being at the right place at the right time. I always like to say, hey there will be stuff to do once I hit 50, but let’s face it, if people don’t participate, the scene dies. If that happens there’d be nothing for me to do at 50. So I guess balancing as best I can is really all I can do for now.

I guess I just really need to complete the S2 Fast Travel missions. I’m pretty sure other clan mates are about ready to tackle that one too. Sounds like it’s time to plan a clan event.

Until next time I’ll be Travelin’ around in the wastes.

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