In game I had a pretty chill night. No leveling and no Deathtoll. I pretty much just ran around with clan members and had a good time.

Unfortunately my blog blew up and I’m sorry to folks who posted comments while I was passed out. Hey it’s a one woman show and I’ve got to sleep sometime.

Interesting events though are unfolding in New Flagstaff. Ok well in the RP community. I know if you’re into PvP or PVE just go ahead and skip the rest of the post.

Some Techs have opened up a new hospital in S3 which is pretty fancy. Though of course the joke now is whether babies check in and out (due to the joke about Techs eating babies).

It also looks like some kind of sickness is infecting clones in New Flagstaff and the Badgers may be infected. And I don’t just mean with aggression for a change *winks*. Which is annoying because that means they’re not itching for a fight. I was so looking forward to getting into a skirmish, but nope….

Ah oh well. At least the story is good. For imaginative people like me a good story is worth putting fighting aside for a little while.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out. Along with a few other interesting events that are going on at the same time.

I do however want to get my butt back to S3 and get a few more levels put on. I also need some new blades. I’m not sure if I want to try boosting my crafting to make them myself or if I should just beg a clan crafter to make some for me.

Until next time I’m gonna go and get lost in the wastelands.

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