Wanted Dread or Alive

So over the weekend I went from level 29 to level 33. I actually spent most of the weekend grinding Lightbearers in Sector 3. At least I’m almost up to the 4th tier in Traveler rep.

The best part is I’m still getting XP while grinding for rep instead of waiting to 50. I also plan to get that next tier by level 35 so I can pick up and use the Traveler faction gear for a little while.

Not too sure whether I’ll get there or not, but it’s a worthwhile goal. Namely in that I want to pick up the next tier of Traveler faction armor at 35 since I’ll probably wear thin what I have now. Sadly since I’m melee I’m going to have to bribe our clan’s crafters to help me with weapons upgrades. I’m also pretty sure that those weapons upgrades would come in real handy considering the turn of events in “New Flag” (New Flagstaff) over the weekend.

After Saturday’s little “altercation” in New Flag it looks like the Dreadnoks are on a hit list with the Fall of the Legends. Goody goody. Yesterday we were hassled in Sector 1 at the Rack and Sector 2 in New Flagstaff. Looks like the Dreadnoks are quietly listed as a public enemy in New Flag, though The Fall hasn’t openly posted it as such.

On a side note it was really tough to control myself yesterday when people were trying really hard to goad me into a fight. Don’t get me wrong I’m really getting into wanting to get into PvP. The thing is that I’m trying to level like crazy and not all of the folks participating in the RP are at my XP level. Honestly though I don’t want to have to fight people that are ten levels lower than myself even for RP reasons. That’s just a cheap kill.

I’ll probably have to work something out since I intend on getting Geistig to the level cap and not all role players worry about leveling up. Can’t say I blame them, you don’t really have to be at the level cap to participate in RP. Only thing is that wouldn’t really make for a fair fight. Granted I’m “one of the bad guys” and work with a band of professional killers. I probably should have to worry too much about fighting fair, but I want to be reasonable just to keep things fun as opposed to creating an e-peen war.

After all getting hassled by Enforcers in New Flagstaff is all in fun anyways. I’m just still trying to work out if I want to go full bore outlaw or if I want to just be on a watch list. While it wouldn’t be good business to get on the bad side of the Enforcers “keeping the peace” in New Flagstaff, it would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Who’d have thought I’d start getting into Pvp? Again this isn’t the real PvP that the pros are into, this is basically just playing grab ass in New Flagstaff. I think I’ll enjoy it while it’s still fun. Not sure if I’ll manage to get brave enough to try min/maxing for PvP or not. I’d have to get some pretty serious tutelage before even trying.

Until next time, I’m gonna go blow stuff up in the wasteland.

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