One Dead Creep

Today I actually engaged in PvP. I don’t think I’ve had my PvP flag up so much the whole time I’ve played Fallen Earth. And man it was a friggin blast.

I somehow got tangled up in an RP-PvP scenario. A friend of mine sent me a tell saying he could use some help and the next thing I know I’m up against a team of Enforcers. There were 5 of us and I think 4 maybe 5 of them. Their side had two level 50 toons, our side had one level 50, one 46ish, the rest were 30 to 26 or so.

I just managed to hit level 31 when this barrage came down. As crazy as it seems I actually got to land a few good hits but the level 50 pretty much took me out every time. Am I angry about that? Oh hell no. This was probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in game so far.

Geistig is NOT a min/max PvP toon. Though her Melee abilities do outshine her crafting and pretty much everything else she does, she’s not set up as a hard core PvP toon. For the most part I’ve shied away from PvP because it usually is not my thing.

Today however I managed to have a blast and didn’t care that I was getting killed left and right. I even managed to rack up some Deathtoll points. Which is pretty wild for me.

Funny how I just posted that I would probably end up getting into PvP situations with my new clan. Of course I no more say that and I end up racing around New Flagstaff with two clan members, a Traveler friend from global chat and a crazy cannibal CHOTA. Good times were to be had by all. Even the Enforcers had a blast.

Thing is this is just play PvP for the most part. The pro PvP guys are the folks that have toons that run faster than cars and probably have the same hit points as an dungeon boss. I’m not looking for that kind of PvP challenge. I just like being a hard hitting Traveler. Though hopefully I’ll end up doing more of the covert stuff rather than running around keeping Enforcers entertained.

Speaking of cars and thanks to my buddy Reaven, I have an Interceptor Speedster now. I put in some extra time tonight just to boost my Dexterity enough to use the key. The plus side is that this’ll make it faster for me to get back to Sector 2 for events there while I’m hanging working on leveling up in Sector 3 and probably Deadfall before too much longer.

I thought my Motorcycle was the coolest thing ever until I took the Interceptor for a ride. This thing is friggin’ awesome! I still have to paint it, but in the meantime it’ll be my baby. I’ve already dubbed it “Geist Ride”.

Geistig and her Interceptor Speedster "Geist Ride"

So tonight I’m sitting at 32. In 18 more levels I’ll hit the level cap. Right now I actually have some really good reasons for working towards the level cap and I’m looking forward to getting there even if the grind my make me a little batty. Fortunately there’s a lot of little things I can do to take a break from the leveling monotony which usually drives me crazy in games.

Well until next time I’m gonna go get lost in the wastes.

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11 years ago

Damn! You can have cars in FE??!?! Makes me want to resuscribe!