Anyone Got a Quarter?

The leadership of the clan Cyber Destruction (aka CD) just posted a press release stating that they’re leaving Fallen Earth.

Some of the accusations seem a bit far fetched and without having seen them first hand I have nothing to say on it. I can say however that any time I have a run in with GM’s they’re personable and patient.

It’s sad to see Fallen Earth lose the subs of those actually leaving the game in this clan pull out. Personally I can’t say I’m to sorry to see CD go and I even have a friend in the clan. They seemed to house a few gankers, which is probably why CD was having issues with other clans and with GM’s.

For the past few weeks I’ve seen players with the CD clan tag drop into RP events looking for anyone flagged for PvP. I can understand that they’re bored and they want to have some fun. Hey if it’s open world PvP then it’s fair game right?

Well yeah they can think that. They are not however, going to make a good name for themselves or their clan when some of these jokers are taking out players that are lower level AND in the same faction. I got to rez a fellow Lightbearer in her 30’s after getting tagged by a level 50 CD player, who was also a Lightbearer.

Last night in fact members of KAOS, Saints, and several other PvP focused clans showed up for an RP event in New Flagstaff. The reason? Well players in these clans were tired of CD players dropping into the bunker bar and trying to hit anyone flagged for PvP. So these PvP focused clans stopped in to “run security.”

I don’t think I’d ever seen that many folks in New Flagstaff at one time especially not all flagged for PvP. It also seemed like most folks were actually enjoying themselves, not the usual e-peen waving that tends to run through region chat when PvP’rs start going at it. I don’t think I saw a single Cyber Destruction member last night, and but that didn’t stop the PvP free for all (and much fun was had by all).

There is a great post in the official Fallen Earth forums that seems to shed some light on the issue from the PvPer perspective. (Note you’ll probably need an active Fallen Earth account to access the thread).

Evidently there was a bit of Cloner Camping going on. In Fallen Earth you don’t go back to your corpse, you are reassembled at a nearby Cloning facility.

There was a glitch allowing people to be attacked while still in the Cloner. This glitch was exploited in PvP situations causing frustration and annoyance to the PvP community.

The claim in the thread is that CD players started the camping and the other clans retaliated. Look that’s the claim, I can’t say for sure I wasn’t there and honestly I couldn’t care less.

I do however love what Nufan of KAOS had to say about CD’s imminent departure.

“Unlike some clans, I only offer guidelines for how a member is supposed to act. I don’t issue orders or declare policies that must be followed. Part of being CHOTA is being free to do what you want. We run KAOS in full CHOTA fashion. If I ever said:

“Okay guys, those guys are cheating and stuff and we are leaving the game forever.”

I would hope that the members of KAOS would respond with:

“See ya dumbass, can we have your stuff?”

All members of KAOS are free to do whatever they see fit, but understand that their actions might reflect on us all.”

Nufan by the way is the writer of Wasteland Diaries over at Massively (one of my favorite game blogs). Also note that KAOS is a single faction clan (CHOTA only).

In the Wastelands, whatever you do reflects just as much on your clan as it does on you.

If you decide to be a jackass, and a few of your mates also decide to be jackasses, word gets around quickly and you’re whole clan is labeled as such. Doesn’t matter if you have Gandhi and Mother Theresa in your clan and you’d still get an endless string of shit.

In that same thread a game developer and a GM posted stating that the Cloner issue had been investigated and resolved. They also stated that anyone who continues to experience the issue needs to file a report. For such an unresponsive team they seemed to get on this pretty quickly.

As such I don’t really see this as a death knell to the game or anything of the like. If some folks don’t want to play, they don’t want to play. It’s sad but these things happen.

I however still enjoy Fallen Earth immensely and love the community. Even the PvP banter is friggin’ hilarious.

Now for the Disclaimer: I steer clear of the Fallen Earth PvP scene, mostly because I just have my own issues with PvP, nothing to do with the issues above or the state of PvP in Fallen Earth.

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CD Supporter
11 years ago

On the subject of “Cyber Destruction” leaving Fallen Earth…It seems as a fairly new player, you have been quite misled. “Cyber Destruction actually is a group of adult gamers who pride themselves on low drama and high integrity. If you frequent their website and forums with any regularity you will see they are actually a group who, throughout FE’s evolution, has worked hand in hand with both GM’s & Devs to, not only help discover and fix exploits, but also report the clans using them which ruins the game for others.

The most notorious of those “exploiters” clans has been both Saints & Exile. The problem as far as I can tell comes in the form of propaganda. Nufan, Misbee Haven, and many others from these clans have been caught many times by the GM’s exploiting and when “CD” started taking it upon themselves to report these people en masse, the war of words began.

And for the guilty parties that’s all it has been. If you look in the FE forums, you will see many of the players from Saints, Exile, Kaos(sub clan for both) with post counts literally in the 1000’s and some much more than that. The point being is, when you can not win in game, you become good at posting instead to make people believe you are good at something I suppose.

Once upon a time Saints & Exile mandated a clan rule of never attacking unless it was at least 5:1 ratio as not to lose face. Once CD assembled people who were tired of this practice and turned the tables on them by also allying with the more legit clans on the server (non-exploiters), the Saints/Exile propaganda machine went into over-drive, as they could no longer win, even with all their exploits and numbers.

The accusations are numerous and “Cyber Destruction” has posted quite a few interesting chat logs and emails from the GM’s which, to myself, shows something more going on than just some players quitting over sour grapes. The chat logs, most of which I know to be accurate and UNEDITED, show many unprofessional and corrupt practices going on openly in the background of FE. The issue is, GM’s became complacent and took their privacy for granted. Once CD opened up “Pandora’s Box” and showed the world what was going on, damage control kicked in. And by damage control I mean selective bans of key figures in both CD and allied clans with no reason “why” being provided to the actual players receiving the bans except for the fact that they supported what CD was trying to expose to FE’s players. This is no way to do business as a game developer.

There is also evidence on the CD site showing them actually discovering the cloner camping glitch and conveying it to a GM while Saints continued using it to camp low levels. You folks really should read something besides the titles of threads and FE hype if you care enough to actually want to know the truth and not just the FE “cover-up” gibberish which is being used against a very nice and upstanding community like CD. If more people stood up for the money they spend on games the way CD has, maybe we would all have a better quality experience for our money and time.

11 years ago
Reply to  CD Supporter

I’ll correct you as long as its required.

As for the 5:1 thing…have you just started blatantly lying? No such ‘mandate’ was ever remotely made. Hell the night you put up your quit thing, we beat you guys when you had 6(considering you were running around in deadfall with a 30ish lets say 5)…with 3 people. Why would a mandate be needed when that occurs? We would even still fight your general side when you would come with 20-30 people to haietta when we only had 8-12 on.

As for ‘numerous’ times the only exploit you have remotely on misbee is the fact he was at the scavenger boss when it was a bug that wasn’t known about. Mind explaining how 1 time means numerous times?

As for selective bans was 2 of your officers and a leader of a seperate clan…note the seperate clan leader you have said to of been the reason for starting it and occured before it happened and it was due to breaking an ingame rule as 1 of the people said ‘perching’. Or maybe violating rules to you people doesn’t count as anything.

PS : There were 2 bugs with pvp immunity. 1 being the bug you guys found with unflagging by cloner camping. The other bug was found by saints after you screamed exploit and that the group that you found it with told saints about it(neither of which being true, the bug was only revealed when you attempted to use it as an example of exploiting). The thing is the ‘exploit’ was a different bug found the following day after testing was conducted in which if someone has pvp immunity and is unflagging the ‘allow pvp’ flag works the same as the person unflagging’. The immunity bug was also tested and reported(the one where a nonpvp flagged person with allow pvp and pvp flagged person unflagging with allow pvp in a non pvp zone couldnt attack each other). Both pvp immunity bugs were reported and both had been fixed a few days after the incident. No cloner camping of lowbies occured the closest that occured was your high levels attacking a conflict town and due to the second bug that was found the next day, were attackable and instead of opening lines of communication you raged in region nonsensically.

My apologies Creep for this post, I’ll leave this post as the only post I make so as it doesn’t get out of hand.

11 years ago

“Some of the accusations seem a bit far fetched and without having seen them first hand I have nothing to say on it.”

If this is true then why comment on situations you were absent for in your time away from the game?

“Nufan by the way is the writer of Wasteland Diaries over at Massively (one of my favorite game blogs). Also note that KAOS is a single faction clan (CHOTA only).”

Ah, of course. The “drop the name” card. Followed by another unrelated random fact. Somehow imparting creditability to your post?

I thought Nufan, at Massively, commented on how boring the world of Fallen Earth became again and again. How it would be nice to have it be open world PvP all the time.

Which brings me to the Roleplay event. The last nail in coffin so to speak. Why be angry, or surprised, when your attacked anywhere in Fallen Earth because you volunteered for it?

“I’ve only been recently active in Fallen Earth again. And enjoying the game as it is without hassling the developers over what I think the game should be.”

Here I sound like a record but … doesn’t Nufan personally want Fallen Earth to be open world PvP? For the excitement and challenge? Anyone else is just a carebear dumpster diving tech. Where does the person Nufan stop and the writer Nufan for Massively begin? Conflict of interest? I wonder what Icarus thinks about a “member of the press” conveying such disregarding thoughts to non-pvp members of the Fallen Earth community. Someone like yourself.

“Now for the Disclaimer: I steer clear of the Fallen Earth PvP scene, mostly because I just have my own issues with PvP, nothing to do with the issues above or the state of PvP in Fallen Earth.”

Yes my child wash your hands in the basin of disclaimer.

But finally … the real issue bursts forth. After the … I’ve been away … I don’t care … name dropping …

“I do care about the fact that there were rogue players in Cyber Destruction who harassed the RP community looking for easy kills. I don’t see you’ve defended Cyber Destruction on that point.”

So, in comparison … All those times when I’ve been “disclaimer: Minding my own business” inside a conflict town. Never engaging anyone in PvP but been engaged and killed, over and over, by numerous clans. Since my time with Fallen Earth starting with closed beta testing by the way. Thought I’d throw some weight around like yourself. Makes me seem that much more official. /wink. Some even of my own faction or shoulder faction. I’d let you fill in the rest but here it is. Do not flag for PvP nor enter a PvP area/zone/town/event and cry foul when someone, same faction or not, rolls over you by themselves or … if they’re smart … with their buddies for backup.

Misbee Haven
Misbee Haven
11 years ago

I’ve never been caught exploiting. I don’t exploit…the one thing a GM stepped in and handled was the one thing CD claims as evidence. I found a huge bug and had no idea what was causing it and when we tried the same quest again the same bug happened and before we called a GM a CD guy had called one first and claimed we were exploiting. I’d really like to know all the times I’ve been caught exploiting because I have never been nor has a GM ever come to me and said “hey WTF you think you’re doing?”

You friends at CD claim they have tones of evidence but the fact remains that they do not and therefore when you harassed a GM about unsubstantiated claims of exploits they asked you to drop it repeatedly.

All I see are people frustrated at a game that didn’t tolerate poor sportsman like behavior coming from that clan…the in game community had had enough and when a clan wide campaign based on hearsay and ignorance became a losing battle and the clan wasn’t seeing results they desired they took it out on the GM’s and the company of Icarus Studios.

I don’t cheat, I don’t hack and I certainly don’t tolerate griefers and cloner campers and when they start publicly making claims that are simply not true about my honesty of how I play a game.

-Good article BTW.

CD Supporter
11 years ago

Lol. Pointless. *Deletes bookmark*

CD Supporter
11 years ago

For those of you thinking this blog is open to various conflicting oinions, it seems this blogger deleted and ip blocked a post. Here it is in a more “uncensored” environment for those who get to read this bfor it too is deleted:

11 years ago

What Crock of shit Missbee. You have personally camped me several times, one time using the immunity exploit. I even tried the “ask me nicely”, and you just acted like a D bag. People are tired of you guys saying you don’t , or won’t, cloner camp and then you do.

Now that no one wants to play with you ass clowns, you start acting nice.