Leprechan of the Wastelands

Today was St. Patrick’s day and Fallen Earth celebrated it a little here and there. It coincided well with the Invicta Bike rally.

The day started off with the Clan “Saints” dressed all in green. These guys and gals were flagged for world PvP and were willing to take a few hits to give goodies.

Since Geistig was level 22, they were pretty nice to her and only gave her a couple of pot shots before handing over a kick awesome mask.

I also ran around rezzing 50’s who were knocking each other down and just plain having fun. Events like this make PvP actually fun.

This pretty much lead right into the Invicta Bike Rally where DJ Reaper played tunes, people drank much, and danced even more. One Enforcer was having too much fun and ended up crawling to the john. Not quite sure what his deal was. Oh and there were also two syncronized Enforcers having a good time at the back of the bar.

Gettin a groove on

Since the Invicta Bike Rally is mostly a Traveler/CHOTA/Vista thing, you usually don’t see too many Enforcers there. So the fact that these guys braved the party and hung out for a little bit shows they’re either really brave or a couple bricks short of an outhouse.

Then again, let’s face it, you can only kill too many Creepers before the madness sets in.

Until next time I’ll be recovering from my cloudy tequila somewhere in the wastes.

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