Patch v1.8 did land today. The patch notes aren’t available outside of the subscriber’s only forum yet so I’m not going to post a link up quite yet.

I can say though that there are some pretty win things in this new patch. The biggest changes from a leveling person’s perspective is that Ammo is now lighter to carry and will stack up to 1,000 as opposed to the 500 previously. You can also one crafting of ammo yields 150 bullets instead of 80. That in and of it’s self is pretty kick ass.

Thing is though, if you’re like me and you’re running Melee, you pick up ammo all the time that you can’t use. Guess what, you can’t vendor ammo anymore. So while I can carry a lot more of it than I used to, I also can’t get rid of it.

I can’t see putting it on the auction house because it probably wouldn’t sell for the cost to put it up for auction. This means I’m stuck with crap that I can’t use, great. I guess I’ll just find someone in my clan to feed it to.

Ah there are also finally, Global chat channels. Two of them actually. One is for people from level 1 and up, the other is for folks level 30 and up. Only restriction is that these channels are for subscribers only.

Trust me, they’ll troll it enough. Hopefully the list of folks I can put on my ignore list isn’t limited.

The upside though is that it does make the wasteland a little less lonely. Even if you can’t see the people you’re yacking with.

While this does have the penchant for turning into Barrens Chat, it seemed pretty civil this evening. Though like I said, I’m reserving the right to hit ignore on folks that’d make me want to /pvp on their asses. Even if I wouldn’t win, seriously.

There’s a lot more goodness in the patch notes. Once those are available to the masses I’ll post up a link.

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