Walking Parade

The Players of Fallen Earth had their own Mardi Gras celebration this past week. Sadly due to offline conflicts I missed a few of the events.

I did however get to participate in the Parade and the Depot 66 Bunker Bash.

I passed on Topless night in Oilville. I like keeping as much of my armor on my characters as I can.

The Parade was interesting. Folks just walked from Embry Crossroads to Depot 66 where the bunker bash was held. Folks from all different levels participated wearing green and purple dyed gear.

The bunker bash was actually pretty cool. There were several vehicles and lots of armor given away. The DJ also played some authentic Mardi Gras style music along with some Cajun goodness. Invicta radio hosted the tunes.

Hell even a GM stopped by to make an appearance, which was pretty cool.

This was 100% a player coordinated event. There were no holiday based decorations strewn about the towns. There were no holiday based quests or achievements.

Honestly I kind of like it better this way. I’m pretty sure that after an apocalypse people wouldn’t be fussing so much about decorations. But for a brief time, they may put their differences aside so they could get drunk and hopefully see someone half naked.

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