"Well if you aren't the damnedest thing"

OK so I finally made it up to garnering some faction friendliness and picked up some mutations. I also ran across some really big annoyances that I’d like to put into text so that I’ll remember how not to fubar things next time I try this.

In the current incarnation of Fallen Earth you can actually buy the initial knowledge for any mutation from a Mutagenics trainer.

That part is kinda cool. The kinda uncool part is that just opens up the mutation for you. It would be like getting the ability to use melee but then not getting a weapon. It’s pointless.

Mutations are very much like the other skills, Melee, Pistol, Rifle, etc. You put AP points in the mutations to build them up. If you don’t put the AP points in the mutation skills then you can’t use the abilities associated with that skill.

Once again, the abilities are really the whole point of the mutations.

To pick up the abilities that go with those mutations, you have to hit up the faction that gives you those abilities. That part isn’t so bad. You just make nice with that faction, and they usually give you the base mutation skill and one ability. This saves you some chips since you won’t have to buy the Mutation skill injector from the Mutagenics trainer.

Each faction will have trainers that sell the ability injectors for each Mutation skill. But you’re only going to be able to get the injectors from those trainers if you stay friendly with the faction. If you piss them off then well, you’re not going to be able to get the next tier of injectors from the trainers.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay friendly with a faction to continue using the mutation. So far it also looks like you don’t have to remain friendly with a faction to obtain the next tiers of mutations either. But since you can’t buy the next tier of ability from a trainer, you have to MAKE it via the Mutagenics tradeskill.

I know it just keeps getting more complicated doesn’t it?

The factions also have Mutagenics trainers along with the mutations trainers. The Mutagenics trainers sell a copy of each one of the mutations along with books. The thing is that these books are faction dependent. The Mutagenic trainers for the Lightbearers will only sell mutagenics abilities books for the mutations the Lightbearers specialize in. This goes for the CHOTA and all the rest of the factions.

I found this out the hard way. I decided to swap from Lightbearer to CHOTA. Since my faction was pretty low it really only took me one day’s worth of faction interaction to get from really disliked by the CHOTA to liked by the CHOTA and disliked by the Lightbearers.

Thing is that I didn’t pick up the books to level up the Empathy abilities though Mutagenics. I was kicking myself like crazy.

Fortunately a friend in game got friendly with the Lightbearers and bought the Empathy book for me. I’ve currently got book two in my crafting queue.

In the end I may even end up running as a Vista just so I can work with the one CHOTA and one Lightbearer mutation I want to have as part of my build. Since the Vista are friendly to both, I’d be able to buy the mutations from both.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Sadly I really, really don’t like the Vista, but if I can get my mutations, I’ll deal.

That is my little mutation run down from the completely noobish point of view.

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