A little bit of light please?

Though I still have some AP quests in Sector 1, I realized that grinding those out was pretty much sucking the fun out of the game.

That being said I ran up to Haven (the Lightbearer post in Sector 2) and I joined up with the Lightbearers. Now this means that only the hippy vistas and the heavy handed Enforcers will be my only friends. That part kind of sucks.

But hey at least now I have my own light show and I’m kind of digging that.

I had originally planed on going Tech with Geistig to try out the Nano Manipulation mutation. But thing is I kind of like the Lightbearers, even if they really are a bunch of Ninjas. They also have a couple of nifty mutations.

Mutations aren’t really faction specific in the current state of the game. Technically I could have garnered faction with anybody and picked up these mutations later on. Thing is though I like the way the Lightbearers handle things. That and their super secret assassins thing is just kind of neato.

So far I’ve completed two quest lines for the Lightbearers and I’ve already picked up the Empathic mutation that I had my heart set on. Now I’m looking at Telekenetics. While both of these will see changes once patch 1.8 finally lands, I’m not too worried about it.

Since it’s so new to me chances are I won’t notice much difference.

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