No gamers party quite like Fallen Earth gamers.

Tonight I visited the Invicta Bike Rally held in New Flagstaff (Fallen Earth) each Thursday.

I wasn’t really going to visit this week, but I met up with some folks outside Oilville and decided to take the treck. Sadly my computer froze before I could ride up with that group and I showed up later.

Yeah AVG decided to lock up my system whenever I started up Fallen Earth. Bye bye AVG.

I have never seen so many folks in a mosh pit, in game, ever, that was nuts. Pretty friggin’ cool but nuts. See thing is folks set up streaming music so a DJ is actually performing live. So really the only thing that isn’t live is me drinking the gin I was handed after walking in the door. Sadly can’t say it would have been remiss this evening.

After hanging out for a while I started getting the itch to get some game on. I’d logged in with an overwhelming urge to want to kill stuff. So I rode back to Sector 2. I polished off all the quests in the Coppermine area, then ran over to Pass Chris. About halfway through those my buddy showed up to help me cut through the rest of them.

Though I don’t think he’d seen me in “Tex” mode before. Safe to say the word “bloodbath” appeared in text chat. What can I say? I had some fun. OK we wiped out the whole area, but who’s counting, they are NPC’s after all.

By the way when I say “Tex” mode, this is pretty much what I’m talking about:

Sadly one of the quests from Chris Pass sent me all the way back to Coppermine. Bleh. I finished up that quest chain which sent me out to Watertower. Fortunately a few of my other quests had lead me there so poof right where I need to be.

I was sitting at ONE bubble to 19. Well couldn’t leave off like that. I started working out some of the quests there in Watertower just to zap. I can’t really say Ding because in Fallen Earth you don’t Ding you kinda do this zap thing.

I’d run around collecting all of those quests so I’ll start pushing though those tomorrow.

Right now though I’ve got a bike in the queue that I can paint up for the Mardi Gras festivities. They kick of on Saturday with a Crafter’s Market in New Flagstaff. I’m looking forward to checking that out.

Well until next time I’m going to go get my boogie on in the wasteland!

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