Yes, nuts.

I read the March State of Game posting on the Fallen Earth forums this morning. Honestly I’m still trying to piece together what I read.

So far I’m not really getting much out of it.

It looks like they’ll be dropping new content in mid March. However the changes to combat are on a “parallel development cycle” they were not explicitly promised for release along with the new content. Personally I’m cool with the changes either way, but it would be nice to know what’s going to happen and when.

Unfortunately I can’t really even make educated guesses as to what’s going on there. I did hit the PTS and I liked what I saw there, but really I’m too low level to really see the bigger picture when it comes to the full FE combat experience. Without mutations I’m really only seeing about half or maybe 2/3rds of the action.

They did answer some community concearns and questions.

Housing – They’re taking this one to the drawing board but they do want to make this happen. Sweet, this will be awesome and yes making it 100% effective should be key. I really don’t want to see some horrid Sims rendition of a house with a white picket fence sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the wastelands.

Blood Sports – they’re working on it. Personally I haven’t tried blood sports which sounds like WoW battlegrounds anyway and I really couldn’t care less. However there are some issues with it and they’re working on it, sweet.

What about raid content?

What the FUCK? Who said anything about RAID CONTENT? By god the WoWtards are trying to turn the grand canyon into Azeroth.

Now I can assume that an interview with the average WoWtard in Fallen Earth would go something like this:

Do you really think that raids are necessary in Fallen Earth?

“We need something to do when we hit the level cap!”

Have you tried to PvP?

“Yeah but the PvP sucks there’s not enough people.”

Yeah ok, have you tried crafting?

“Crafting is boring it takes too long, just wanna bash stuff.”

So why the hell are you playing a game focused on crafting and PvP if you don’t want to do either one?

“Wanna duel?”


And that would be the end of the interview.

Ok now I can see some need for end game raids in Fallen Earth. Knowing these guys the raids would probably have loot tables full of crafting mats, vendor junk, or recipes. I’m cool with that. Even the State of Game said that they weren’t going to add a gear grind to the raid content. It also says that the raid would be part of the overall story line for Alpha County (sector 4 deal, not due out for a while).

I know I should just grin and bear it. After all it will make the players happy to have this content. Though I’m sure a lot of them will just do it and then be disappointed when their leet helm doesn’t drop, but that’s just me being cynical. Hell I don’t know, maybe once I get to level 55 I’ll want something to do too.

For now though I’ll just work my way to level 50 (if I get that far) and just forget about it until I have to deal with it.

Safe to day I’m not sure what to think of the State of Game address, but hey, I’m just out wandering in the wasteland. While it does give me something to blog about, none of these things are game changers for me and I’m still looking forward to logging in tonight and bashing some heads in.

Well later party peoples.

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