Sometimes it's really no wonder why some of these looking things are where they are.

Instead of continuing work on my tier 2 vehicle crafting I decided to get a little questing in. I finally finished up Coppermine including the instance quests in the mine.

My buddy the Wasteland Roughnecks clan leader came back to Sector 1 to help me clear out the mine. I actually felt kind of bad about it afterwards because I don’t think it was hard enough for me to need his help.

I also cleaned out almost all of the quests in Pinkston and Mowbray. There are a few quests I found out by the lifenet facility that I need to mop up but then that should do it.

All that questing puts me at less than 3 bubbles from 19. Which is pretty sweet since that gets me closer to Sector 2. Right now I have 425 AP, 41 of which I haven’t invested yet. I’m really leery of investing them right now. I’m starting to enjoy melee way more than pistol and trying to tote around rifles is just wearing me down.

At this point I’m starting to simplify. Since I picked up Soak Elements 1 melee has been sweet. With that and Bolster 3 to help mitigate coordination loss via my gear, I’m able to weed whack anything that comes at me via my dual machete hacking.

As for the clan, well we’re still low on numbers and short on time. I’m hoping that we’ll recruit some more people. I know I need to just start asking tagless folks if the want to join my clan. That is if I get brave enough.

Until next time I’m gonna go get lost in some sleep. Head banging in a gas mask can really wear a gal out.

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