One Busy Creep – Fallen Earth and EVE Online

Strategiest: Yes I totally spelled the name wrong when I started this char, teeny text is bad on my eyes.

Not only am I rocking out in the wastelands, but I’m having a little fun in EVE too.

Fallen Earth:

I’m trying to help some buddies get a new clan off the ground in Fallen Earth called “Wasteland Roughnecks”. If you’re looking for a clan in FE send me a tell in game or mail, or just find me and hit me on the back of the head. We’re all clones so it’s fine. I’m Geistig in game by the way.

I’m still working on tier 2 vehicle research, so aside from the new clan, there’s not a whole lot going on for me in FE right now. I’m pretty much just sitting in the science labs dancing by myself. I’d be embarrassed, but let’s face it, I’m so past being cool that I’ve come back through the other side.

EVE Online:

Getting back into EVE Online has been quite a slow experience. I realized that I have a whole lot of ZERO combat skills and I need to boost almost all of my basic skills to help out with basic ship issues. Stabilizing my ships is priority one so I’m working with that first and then I’m going to work on my combat skills.

Fortunately I’ve already put a lot of points into drones (since I’m Gallente I figured “what the hell right?”). Those little bastards are a girl’s best friend. Screw diamonds and hand over the drones.

At the moment I’m running missions in a Catalysts. I don’t really have enough faith in myself or my skills to move up into anything bigger at the moment. Sadly Catalysts only have room for one drone on board but they do have room for 8 turrets. That’s some pretty satisfying firepower.

My first real mission in my Catalyst had me pretty nervous since it involved going up against a bunch of drones. For some reason I remembered drones as being really really painful to go up against.

The 8 125mm railguns on my ship however, made short work of those. I mean really, lock, fire, bye bye drone.  It left me sitting there with my jaw on the floor. This of course as my poor little Hobgoblin was getting impatient wondering why the hell I wasn’t firing at something else. Poor little guy.

I really want to load a couple of scavenger modules on my Catalyst in place of two of the hybrid turrets. At this point though I’m a little too nervous of my skillz to remove any of them. Once I’ve pumped up my gunnery skills a bit, maybe then I’ll swap out some firepower for some scavenge power so I can get some extra ISK.

In Closing:

So that’s what I’ve been up to since my last post. Nothing special really. I’m having a little fun here and there. Until next time I’m going to go get lost in the wastelands or somewhere in space, who knows.


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