I’m still getting lost in the wasteland. The last couple of days I’ve been working on Coppermine.

It’s not that there’s a lot of content there to keep me stuck. Currently I’m having a hard time sitting at my computer for extended periods of time. Hopefully that will improve.

Until then I’m just gaming in spurts. It makes me take things pretty slow which is always annoying, but I’ll get to Sector 2. Right now I’m sitting at one bubble from 18 and I’ll probably hit that the next time I log on.

One bug quest in the mine there really boosted me quite a bit. Although I did manage to get myself killed while trying to loot a corpse. *sigh* I was out of bag space just as I was getting attacked by a couple of bugs. Little bastages. I did run back in and complete the quest no problem. I just had to forgo skinning the bugs.

I’m hoping that with this next level or at the very least at level 19, I’ll be up to crafting level 75 items. That will enable me to draw up the research book for Dune Buggies as well as begin working on the research books I’ll need to create the tier two components the Dune Buggies will require.

But right now my back is killin’ meh, so I’m going to go get lost in the shower. The wasteland will be there when I get back!

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