A player hosted series of events is scheduled to take place over the course of next week called the “Wasteland Mardi Gras“.

The lovely poster here was made by the folks hosting the event. I’m just sharing it here.

In Fallen Earth the players really shine. This is one of the few games where the players advertise in game events.

The events I’ve been to so far have been pretty interesting and this list of events will probably be pretty nuts.

There’s a Bike Rally, a Parade, and topless night? Not quite sure how that one’s going to pan out, but being the intrepid wasteland reporter that I’m turning into… I might as well show up and record the events as others bare all, or at least as much as the game designers will let them.

For which we’re pretty thankful. For the most part.

Here’s the list of events:

Wednesday March 9th – 9pm EST, New Flagstaff cooking facility – Lyssa’s Coffee Hut

Thursday March 10th – 9pm EST, New Flagstaff Beauville’s Tavern – Invicta Bike Rally

Sunday 13th March 2pm EST, Embry Main Street – Mardi Gras Parade

Sunday 13th March 3pm EST, Depot 66 bunker bar -Mardi Gras Bunker Bash

Sunday 13th March 8pm EST, Oilville Triage and Tap – Topless Night at The Rack

I plan on hitting up as many of these as I can. I know I can even hit the first couple in New Flagstaff since I’ve already ridden out to Sector 2. Hope they don’t mind me showing up at the bike rally on the Canyon Bike (aka a Badland Rider). I’m really tempted to pick up the new Flame Rider recently released in the Fallen Earth Item store just for the event. OK that and because flames on a bike is just flipping cool. But not sure if I want to forgo the mileage efficiency of the Badland Rider just for something that looks a little more bad ass, but we’ll see what’s in the budget.

I know I just plugged the store, but hey, I like this game, I want to see it succeed, I don’t mind dropping some hints here and there.

Now, if you’re in Fallen Earth, drop in and say hi!

Now that my reporting is done for the day I’m going to go and get lost in the wasteland. Ciao

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