I finally hit level 18 while working on the quests in Coppermine. That puts me 2 levels closer to Sector 2 as well as raises my crafting up enough to work on crafting 75 stuff.

This was super exciting news because it means I can finally start Dune Buggy research. Though to make the Dune Buggy I also need to work on tier 2 research for the vehicle components as well.

*grumbles* *mutters*

At this point I’ve only started working on the materials required to create the Tires research book. That requires 5 tires, and each tire takes a few hours a piece. That’s the first of four books (Control, Engine, Frame, Tires).

That’s all before I can even start to craft ONE Dune Buggy.

Safe to say I’m not expecting to get it done this weekend, but I am hoping to have my first Dune Buggy done soon. Then of course I’ll be scavenging like nobody’s business. Since I’ll also be working on some armor upgrades before hitting Sector 2 the Dune Buggy will probably come in handy.

So until next time, you’ll find me twiddling my thumbs in the shop, or helping my new friends start their clan.

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