EVE Online – Checking Out the New

I had received an e-mail from the folks at EVE Online offering 5 days free to step back into EVE. I was almost going to let it lapse but a friend in Fallen Earth mentioned the new character creator tool and it peaked my interest.

Since the last time I’d played EVE some pretty important things had occurred. Lately though CCP is ramping up to let the pilots out of the ships. Now that’s a big deal for EVE folks. The clones have been in the ships since the beginning of the game. I’m pretty sure they’ll be stoked to get a chance to wander around.

I logged into my poorly spelled character Strategiest, and worked through the character creator. It was odd to get to grips with at first, but once I figured out how to get the mouse to drag things around I ended up with something I like ok.

The new character creation screen is pretty promising. That and the screenshots recently released of the upcoming captains quarters has my curiosity piqued.

The thing about EVE is that there’s a lot of downtime in the game, while you’re waiting on skills or things in production, or things in process. Being able to step out of the ship while doing some of the base bound things just sounds neat.

It will definitely bring a new side to EVE.


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