Fallen Earth – Quick Break

The last couple of days I’ve taken a break from Fallen Earth. Not because I’m not enjoying the game, but because I just need a break.

I downloaded and logged into Eve Online just to check out some of the changes and ended up feeling beyond lost.

I have logged into Fallen Earth. Right now I’m feeling frustrated at the fact that I can’t make some things I’d like to make. Then again though I am still level 17 and I don’t want to allocate all of my AP towards Intelligence right now. The more AP allocated to Intelligence, the higher level a person can craft.

I threw some more points in and I’m sitting at a crafting level of 72 right now. I want to get up to 75 as soon as I can so I can start working on some specific armor pieces as well as getting to work on making Dune Buggies.

I have a whole town full  of quests in Copper Mine to clean out. Though I’m halfway to 18, I haven’t felt the drive to get those quests knocked out over the last couple of days. But there are other things going on that have a stronger grip on my attention right now.

I’m not sure if I’ll get back into the swing of things over the weekend, but who knows. I think I really do need to spend a day just doing some scavenging and making ammo. That always gets me inspired to do anything other than scavenging heh.

Well until next time, I’ll just be getting lost.


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