I got to participate in Trivia Night Tuesday tonight. It was held at Embry Crossroads today.

The event was actually kind of neat. I got a chance to see some of the Game Masters “in the pixels”. I also competed with quite a crowd for some goodies. The interesting thing about the event is that the prizes offered are actually in game items usually crafted and then donated by the players themselves.

So while it’s an event moderated by Game Masters, it’s really made possible by player donations.

I should probably consider setting aside some time to craft some stuff up, for the event. Even lower level people need some goodies. That and it’d be just good fun. There was everything from air rifles to vehicles available as prizes. And the questions ranged from hilarious to total stumpers.

Now I’ve just got to remember to look into how to donate items. I’m pretty sure I could craft up some stuff for folks my level and below. Even newbies need gear!

Until then I’ll be wandering in the wasteland!

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