I mopped up the last of the Needle Eye quests this evening. It’s really nice to get a small town wiped up in an evening, two if I’m feeling lazy. Nothing else really neato to report about Needle Eye really.

Though I did have to do battle with a giant mushroom. That probably should have reminded me of Super Mario Brothers. I hated those mushrooms. I mean the turtles you could use but the mushrooms were just a pain.

But I digress. Now that I’m done with Needle Eye and halfway to 18 it’s time to head up to Copper Mine. I made quick stop at Rest Stop, but there were only 2 quests and a butt load of zombies. Usually I’m a big fan of killing zombies, but since neither quest involved killing the zombies I figured it was time to mosie on.

Until next time I’ll be lost in the Wastelands…

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