This evening I went a little native with some CHOTA out of Needle Eye. The cool thing about Sector 1 is seeing all of the factions interacting. You’re not forced to choose sides yet, you just get to see how they interact.

The Needle Eye quest involving the CHOTA was actually kind of interesting. You start out by helping one guy who’s had issues with his leg and wants to see if the CHOTA can do anything to help him out with that. Then you’re sent to deal with one of they typical CHOTA jerks who send you out on a quest to see if you’re tough enough to be trusted by the CHOTA. But at least I got the chance to insult the guy through wording choices, so that made beating up some NPC’s well worth the time and effort.

When you’re done insulting the first guy you get a chance to move on to the CHOTA shaman. These guys are all right. That’s probably why the jerks are there to protect them from having to deal with outsiders. Safe to say I completed the rest of the quest line with ease since they’re all green to me at level 17.

The interesting thing though was something in the quest text written by the CHOTA shaman. He said “Go now and be free.” Evidently freedom is one of the more important ideals of being a CHOTA. OK that and being able to beat the crap out of any and everything else.

For all their gruffness, there might be an another side to the CHOTA that I could really get into. The more I get into melee the more I’m starting to like the CHOTA way of doing things.

At this point though I’m still too heavily invested in my Rifle skills. Dropping all that for melee would cost me a good chunk of chips. Though I am really grateful that players are able to tweak their AP allocation now.

I am looking forward to Sector 2, but I’m still undecided about what faction I want to end up in. I also want to find a good clan to call home, but I know that the faction I choose could have an impact on which clan will have me.

There are clans that take anybody no matter what their faction. I don’t mind that. But really I’d kind of like to get in with an older clan that’s more tied to one faction or another.

I guess really I’ll have to wait until Sector 2 and see what happens then.

Until that time I’ll have to hide out in the science lab waiting to finish up my motorcycle.

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