Today I managed to hit 17. Both the questing and my leveling started moving along at a much faster pace once I hit Linewood Facility.

Sadly I did end up BACK in Kingman to complete a quest chain starting in Linewood Facility. You have no idea just how much that made me a very, very sad panda.

I boogied through all of the quests though, even the quests that sent me up to Needle Eye and back into Kingman. I even ended up receiving a quest reward pistol that was a match for the pistol I received for completing the Casta Gaunt must die quest chain. So now I’m rocking a pair of 10 round pistols.

After finishing up those quests I got a little bit of a crafting bug. So I decided to go ahead and get the motorcycle built in preparation for the Dune Buggy I want to build. After scrounging for the parts around Oilville I found almost everything I needed and bought the rest of the Science Merchant. I set up the four motorcycle components in my queue and now all I have to do is wait it out.

Thanks to the folks at Demonville Radio I wasn’t bored to tears sitting at the science lab. The in game events really add some flavor to the game. I hope to catch more of them as time goes on, but who knows.

Aside from that I learned that the large quantity of black dye I’ve had sitting in the vault was useless. Evidently they came up with a new system of creating and dying items (including painting vehicles). Personally I like the new system, though it was annoying to have to make new dye kits. I couldn’t help it, that olive shirt was really really ugly, and you’re talking to someone who is a big fan of green.

Not sure if I’ll get much time in tomorrow since I’ll still be waiting out the Motorcycle build. If I do it’ll be time to clean out Needle Eye before moving west toward Copper Mine and hitting everything along the way.

Until then, I’ll have some North Burbs Sage Tea, and look out over the wastelands.

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