Kingman was the place I’d left off at when I decided to give up Fallen Earth last year. I hate Kingman. It’s one of those places that’s over run by angry NPCs. Every time you turn around they’re grouping up to take a piece of you.

Safe to say I wasn’t very fond of that.

Oh and then there’s Kingman Prison. *Shudders* If I never see that place again I will be quite happy.

Yesterday myself and a friend went through Kingman Prison. Just us. Granted he’s up to level 20 now (hit 20 in the prison) and I’m level 16. That’s not saying that the prison was easy for just 2 people. It was still a pain in the neck.

But with Casta Gaunt successfully put down, I can now move on to my next targets. This time around, instead of expecting quests to lead me from city to city, I’m just going to do a full tour. I figure that I’ll hit every town on the map. This way I pick up all the AP as I go instead of having to come back for it later.

Right now I’m parked in Linewood (Linewood Facility) then I’m going to head up the road taking out Needle Eye, Rest Stop, Copper Mine, Pinkston and Mobray before heading back over to Pass Chris and all the goodness there.

I also need to find a good place to pick up some scrap steel so I can get to building my motorcycle. I used up all the scrap steel I had and then some to re-stock my ammo supply. But now I’m looking like I’m ready for a zombie apocalypse.

Well until next time, I’m going to go get lost in the wasteland.

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