So after a long day of questing I hit Oilville to gather some Scrap Steel as the last required components for building a motorcycle. Little did I know that Demonville Radio was holding an event there.

It’s a weekly thing starting at 8pm EST on Sundays. Where folks gather for almost a role play kind of gathering where they drink, listen to music, and use the in game dance e-motes.

I hung out and listened to some tunes via the Deamonville Radio website. I even got my boogie on too. There were some cool tunes and most of the folks attending were level 40 and above. Well aside from myself and a couple other low level folks.

It was a nice diversion while I had some downtime. When you’re bag is full of the materials required for building a vehicle it’s practically pointless to try doing much other than sitting in the shop. So really I’m grateful for the diversion.

There are events like this one pretty regularly in Fallen Earth. It’s one of the more interesting elements of the game. The game it’s self is fun to play, but the game community is really something all of it’s own.

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