Some how on my first go round I seemed to miss a bit of low level content. I’m pretty sure that accounts for my AP issues and all around having enough chips. Granted though back then I was pretty obsessed with crafting so chances are I was just passing by quests just to get to the salvage spots.

Yesterday though I plowed through the South Burbs. This evidently is where one finds the infamous “Dinky” the rude prairie chicken. On top of taking out Dinky, I rounded up every and any quest that looked like it could be or could become an AP granting quest. With everything in my log I completed all of the quests, then went back for turn ins. I ended up with one quest of course that lead out to the North Burbs. I think I ended up with 3 or 4 quest AP by the time I was done. I actually forgot to count it out.

South Burbs was however a really, really quiet place, I mean there were no players there at all. It kind of makes me wonder how many of the current new players will have to come back to that town to pick up and grind out those last AP quests once they hit 50 and start to /headdesk over the missing AP.

Oh I also finished up a bit of the Kingman area quests. I HATE Kingman. I hate that area with a passion. It’s a town where every other quest is a group quest. Not one, not two, but I had almost half a dozen group quests sitting in my queue.

Really I should have just found some body shields to group up with. Sadly though it seems that the 1 out of 4 times I try to group up, the group quest ends up turning into an escort quest. I’m escorting another player through the quest and hoping like hell that I can get the quest accomplished before we all get killed.

Granted this has been my issue in every MMO I’ve been in so I won’t go into full rant mode. But I did want to write about that. I still have some Kingman quests sitting in my log, but I’m going to let them fester until I can come back and solo those quests. Why? Because I want to, that’s why.

I might not post over the weekend since I want to get some serious time in Fallen Earth. I’m hoping to get more Sector 1 towns polished off so I’m all ready for Sector 2. Well once I manage to hit 20 of course.

Gotta go do what pays the bills, have a great weekend folks!

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