Today in Fallen Earth, at least for me, was a crafty day as well as a day spent doing a little bit of back tracking.

On the Crafting…

I want to work my way up to making Dune Buggies. Why? Because I’m practically a bag lady with all of the scrap I carry around. It’d be really nice to have a vehicle that could carry some of the load. Also since my main character is a rifle toter, I don’t have a lot of points in her strength stat. Really what that means is that she can’t carry bumpkiss. Especially once I’ve got her loaded down with ammo. Meh, it happens. The life of a scavenger can have it’s ups and downs.

On the upside though it means that I’m willing to dig though all kinds of stuff to find the parts I need to make some goodies. Currently I have the components for an ATV in the queue. This ATV (my second sofar) will be dedicated to Dune Buggy research. I used my first ATV key for Motorcycle research. I have yet to build a motorcycle, but that’s on the list since I need to build one of those too for Dune Buggy research.

Why research? It lets me craft books that will give me the recipes I need to craft the next level of goodness.

I already have a motorcycle (Badlands Rider) and an ATV (the Fallen Earth ATV). Since I don’t have to build either one of these to use, it means that the vehicles I craft will be put toward getting me up to the cooler vehicles. Especially when those cooler vehicles have more cargo room.

Sadly though this left my inventory full of components necessary to complete the crafting items I had stuck in the queue. Really I should have just wrote today off, logged and just let my crafting queue do it’s thing. But that would mean that I couldn’t enjoy roaming the Grand Canyon and making a menace of myself wouldn’t it?

A bit of back tracking…

Instead I figured I’d do a little back tracking. I need to go through all of the towns in the lower levels and make sure that I’ve covered all of the quests that offer AP (Advancement Points) as a quest reward.

In Fallen Earth AP are happy little points you put into your Stats or your Skills to improve your ability to do stuff. Everything from crafting to melee is effected by AP and there are only so many available to you in the game. So by skipping the quests that offer AP as a reward, I’m gimping myself.

Tonight I rampaged through Boneclaw, which is currently the noob town for folks who are combat oriented. Changes were made to this town in one of the recent patches (1.7.4). I don’t think that I visited this town my first go round, but I figured hey, might as well make some chips (Fallen Earth currency) and see what quests are available to me. I plowed through the quests pretty quickly. Seeing as how Geistig is level 14 and all of the quests are for starting characters, there wasn’t much challenge.

Sadly though my motorcycle could NOT hang with Boneclaw. I got it stuck in one of the pools, it could not handle any of the inclines, and even the bumps were giving it a hard time. This really is not a big deal since Boneclaw is supposed to be a noob zone where bikes aren’t used anyway. I resolved that issue by swapping out for my ATV and life was good. It did totally remind me of the ATV video I made last year.

I’m thinking I should update that video using my new motorcycle. Considering the hit points that bad boy has on it, I could probably do some crazy stuff.

All in all, busy day, but rewarding day.

There is still chatter hear and there about the new patch due “soon”, the 1.8 patch. I still haven’t heard if it’s hit the test server yet. I’d like to check it out once it’s available for testing just to see what some of the changes will be like. I like the game ok as it is, so I’m thinking that changes will only improve the game. But that’s my 2 chips.

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11 years ago

I love the picture