Over the weekend I took advantage of a Fallen Earth website deal and picked up a kickin’ motor bike (Badlands Rider), I blasted zombies with a rocket launcher, I returned to leveling on my sniping medic, and I was, bum bum buuuuum… Social.

Here’s the thing, Friday I made it to the Fallen Earth Valentine’s Fray in game live event I got to run around blasting zombies with a bright pink sighted rocket launcher.

Sadly though my level 8 toon wasn’t keeping up to well with the level 45 zombies, once I ran out of rockets. Once everyone else ran out of ammo and the zombies were taking over, I decided to bug out of the event. If I had a higher level I would have hung out to do some more bashing.

It really was kind of neat the way the GM’s kept the zombies coming. It really makes the game feel more alive when there is GM participation. Not to mention the fact that Fallen Earth also has volunteers that monitor the help channel answering random questions from newbies like myself.

After logging out of my melee monkey I decided to swap back over to my level 13 sniping medic. After getting back into the heavily trafficked area of Kingston I was reminded why I did not like helping people.

I honestly think I need to get my head examined because I keep helping people who ask for help in the game. I’ve been asked to help out 3 times since I started playing and all 3 times I wanted to strangle the person who had asked for help.

Usually I don’t feel that way. Usually I help a person on a quest, we complete the quest, we go our separate ways. No big deal. Unfortunately I think these guys were missing a hunter pet or something. They wanted me to follow them around and attack anything that attacked them. Heck one of the guys just wanted to spend the whole evening doing nothing but grinding mobs and selling the loot.

By the time I ended up helping the 3rd guy I’d had enough. Fortunately for him he was working on some common quests. I figured hey, let him tank, I’ll shoot some stuff, and I’ll finally get these quests out of my friggin’ log.

Well friend number 3 gets us both killed (himself repeatedly) trying to complete a portion of the ATV quest. Since he was team leader I asked him to find a third person to complete the quest as we were getting repeatedly mauled by continually spawned npcs. One person was willing to help us out since he’d completed the quest and knew what a pain it was. By this point friend 3 had gone afk, again, and I had to create a new group to add the third player just to get the ball rolling.

The person who helped us out was a godsend. A level 16 player that actually kicked butt. The three of us made our way to the quest area and again wave after wave of npc’s are coming. I complete the quest objective, but friend 3 can’t seem to figure out that he needs to stand still and guard a position, not run around grabbing teh lewtz.

Myself and the level 16 player were both trying to guide friend number 3 through the process. After what seemed like half an hour of constant npc barrage, friend number 3 still didn’t respond when we asked if he’d completed the quest nor reassured us that he even understood the quest instructions.

By that point myself and the level 16 player had enough and we bailed on friend number 3.  We both agreed not to feel bad about it since the guy was pretty much acting like a textbook WoWtard.

Since I managed to die while trying to defend friend number 3 (probably while he was busy looting corpses), I failed the quest. I had to go back to the quest giver to pick up the quest again before I could return to the same location, fight the same waves of mobs, just to finish the second portion of the quest.

The ATV quest arc is a real pain. Totally worth it, but a real pain.

On the plus side I managed to hit level 14, and I made a friend. The level 16 player was a fellow crafting nut. I got to spend the rest of the weekend running around scavenging, crafting and completing the odd quest here and there. The funny bit is that I felt like I accomplished quite a lot even if I wasn’t putting on levels like a skyscraper under construction.

I actually had fun. I’m totally exhausted and should probably be sleeping instead of blogging, but I wanted to make a note of my fun weekend and my fun experiences.

By the way, if you play Fallen Earth and you’ve been considering picking up the Badlands Rider from the game store. Go for it.

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