Here’s a quickie video I made of Friday’s Valentine’s Fray live event in Fallen Earth.

The live event, hosted by Gamer Girls Radio of, took over the in game town of Embry. Everything went great until the ammo ran out and the zombies took over the whole town!

Note to self: in the event of a zombie apocalypse find a large cache of ammo.

The event was fun. It was set in a Sector 1 town which meant that my level 8 melee toon could participate in the madness. The GM’s even offered teleports to folks in other areas and zones so that they could participate in the fun. It was pretty neat to see level capped characters. In the noob zone you don’t usually see them at all.

I’m missing the event this evening because I have some real life stuff to do, but there is one last event scheduled for Sunday night (2-13) at 9pm EST. There’s also an in game party after the zombie bashing.

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