We all know that every game has it’s own form of in game holiday traditions. I don’t know where it started but I do know that I’m a sucker for it every time.

Well Fallen Earth is no exception and this year they’re setting things up so that players can have a blast.

Over the weekend: Valentine’s Fray

Gamer Girls Radio of gaminatrix.com are hosting live events Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 9pm eastern standard time. They have been giving out an in game weapon called “Ole’ Betsy” you can find details about that on their website (including whether they’re still giving those out).

The thing hast to be the most 80’s style rocket launcher I’ve ever seen (since I did manage to get one I will provide pics later). But considering it’s part of a massive zombie kill fest it should be incredibly entertaining to go out and get some blasting on.

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Massacre

On Valentine’s Day Fallen Earth kicks off the Valentine’s Day Massacre. This includes the quest “My Bloody Valentine” where you work on picking up a crafting recipe that lets you pull your own heart out and give it to your special someone. Love comes with a +3 to stamina regen baby!

Keep in mind that the player characters in Fallen Earth are clones which are constantly dying and being regenerated. Hence losing a heart in Fallen Earth isn’t really one of the worst ways to end up back in a Life Net pod.

Now if only something like that could happen in real life.

“Got a broken heart? Well fret no more, just rip it out, knock off and we’ll make you a new one! Hell why not a hole new body too.”

Safe to say the whole set of adventures plays on the morbid sense of humor which is at the heart of Fallen Earth. Not to mention that it looks like it should be pretty interesting. When I played last year I don’t really remember there being any live events. I kind of look forward to checking these out, and I can since they’re being run out of Sector 1 which is the first sector of the game. Yaaay!!

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