My Melee too (Mad Marty) just finished up in Boneclaw and wandered over to Midway to get knock out a few quests there. I think tomorrow though I’ll probably drop those and head over to Odenville where I can start up the ATV quest chain.

I tried to work on the “You’re Dying” quest chain. That was stupid. It lead me out to Rest Stop, which is a level 10/11 area. Since my Melee gal is only level 8 it’s not really something I’m ready to tackle yet. But I should be ready pretty quickly.

While yeah I have only got as far as level 8 in two days I have already upgraded my horse twice and stopped off to craft an entire new set of armor. I also feel like I’m moving along a lot faster than I did the first time. I didn’t even start in the same area so that’s not the reason for picking up the pace.

Interestingly enough it seems like there are a lot of new people checking out the game. This is a game that’s been out for over a year now. Any game that has people in the noob zone is usually a pretty healthy game.

It’s also pretty cool to see how active the community is. There are in game live events hosted by websites, guilds and what not. There are also just a lot of cool people in Help chat and just in chat in general. When someone needs assistance they actually get it in this game, which is a pretty different way to see things done. There are also active GM’s that keep the Help chat helpful and who are available to answer questions and help out players.

While yeah it’s not Rift and it’s not WoW, Fallen Earth has it’s own appeal. That and it’s the only game where you’re character will drop the ‘F’ bomb while battling with zombies. I mean come on, how cool is that?

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