I ended up re-rolling after all this evening. I was hoping that giving my first and only real toon in Fallen Earth a full re-spec would be enough, but since I’d just swapped a rifle/pistol build for a Rifle only build, I didn’t really see the soloing viability I’d hoped for. Using ranged weapons in Fallen Earth is a ton of fun, but not if you prefer playing solo quite a bit. Which really I do.

Fallen Earth does have one of the friendliest gaming communities I’ve come across yet. But I do have issues with being social and prefer to just be left to my own devices while out wandering in left field. There is one notable exception.

Keeping in mind my desire for at least battle ready independence I decided that it was time to at least try out a melee build and see what that would be like. Not to mention the fact that a melee build is also the most new player friendly set up you can go with. Since you don’t have to worry about paying for and or crafting ammunition, you can focus on other things. You can craft if you want to or you can just go with quest rewards and scavenging.

I actually ran around in my noob gear up through level 5 at least. Sure once I was sure that I’d be willing to keep playing my new melee monkey (Mad Marty), then I crafted some armor for her via my shooter toon.

I don’t think I’ll do much if any crafting on Mad Marty. This time around I want to push for some higher levels. It seemed like my ranged character was just a little too squishy for solo play. Though when I’d played in tandem with my buddy Savvy back when we were running together, a ranged build alongside a melee build worked just fine. But trying to solo with that same build just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Now with the melee build, multiple mobs just means more loot. Cutting through critters is just a good time. I still get to use rifle abilities though to draw targets or take out sniping targets, but I’m not left standing there wondering what to do once a mob closes in on me. That little bit of confidence seems to make a difference. If nothing else it certainly makes things seem more fun.

I want to do more of a guide on melee for Fallen Earth, but I think I want to try to level up a bit first. I have some good ideas already, but sometimes what works at lower levels just doesn’t seem to work later on. Then again that all depends on how long Fallen Earth keeps my attention this time.

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