For what it’s worth I would like to submit a new phrase into the general gaming vernacular. Whether or not anyone but myself uses it is neither here nor there.

The term:  WoWtard

The Definition: any ass hat who logs into any game other than World of Warcraft, and takes over a general chat channel to voice his and or her opinion of how said game compares to World of Warcraft

Giving constructive criticism about elements of a game or gameplay in a well thought out and rational matter is usually really helpful for developers. Honestly I’d encourage this kind of debate. Really though, putting it in the forums or filing bug reports is usually the best bet for getting these criticisms heard and even possibly acted upon.

However, being a troll on a soapbox with a captive audience at your disposal only makes you look like another prime example of the Internet Dickwad theory postulated by the minds of Penny Arcade:

Personally I really don’t get how these folks can make such a big deal of having played WoW.

WoW is like the village bicycle, EVERYONE has had a ride.

Therefore, it does not make any one person cool or special to say that they have played World of Warcraft. I was once cursed out in Guild Wars when I let it slip that I’d played WoW. Honestly I couldn’t blame the person for being tired of hearing about WoW even if they’re reaction was a little over the top. I know I get tired of hearing about it and I’ve actually played the game.

From now on if I happen to see an ass hat who wants to push their trollish weight around by saying “I played WoW”, I plan to kindly point out to them that they’re acting like a WoWtard. Then I’ll politely remind them that Azeroth is that way ->


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11 years ago

I think the funniest thing I’ve seen in game chat was on Warhammer. Someone would randomly write in general chat – “You know WoW is the first ever MMORPG.” And then the shitfest would follow. People didn’t get it was a joke to incite a riot and then they would start flaming over and over about WoW and their opinions. Very funny.

11 years ago

“WoW is like the village bicycle”

I was thinking more the village prostitute…most everyone has used it, and comes away diseased in the end.

11 years ago



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Roger Edwards
11 years ago

WoWtards. Yes a very succinct observation.

It is a fascinating leap of logic to assume that because one has played a popular product, it thus imbues you with depth of knowledge and understanding beyond the reach of lesser mortals.

Similar to my other favourite non-empowering statement, often heard on talk show, “speaking as a Mother…”

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