WTF-Back Online

So after another absence I’m back to waste some game time. Though it was once said those who can’t game blog, I seem to have the reverse issue, I’ve got nothing to say unless I can pop online.

Now I’m back bitches, or I’m back to bitch, or to be one, who cares really.

Right now I’m blogging, listening to Korn via you-tube, debating on cracking a beer and waiting for a very popular beta to load.

Right now it’s the shiniest and due for pre-release soon. Since I’m too lazy to read the nda I’m not going to blab about it … yet. A lot of folks I enjoy gaming with dig it so I figured, f@#$ it, let’s do this. Granted I could already be logged into WoW right now, there’s a part of me that just can’t hang with the candy coated goodness that is WoW. Yeah, I’ll log in later to galavant about with Moms, but for now I really want to get into something more sinister.

If the unnamed beta doesn’t cut it I’ll check back into some others and see how I feel about them. I’ll write about them if I do of course.

I keep getting newsletters about Algenon, Fallen Earth and Eve. I do have to say that I am curious as to what FE is like after their recent bouts of changes, but we’ll see right. Paying for more than one sub game a month just seems a bit much, at least for me.

Bleh, who really knows slash gives a flying you know.

*Android post, these are the droids you’re looking for

Oh, evidently, there is not NDA so I can say that I’m trying to download Rift. Yeah by the time I revised this I still had almost an hour just in the download so I probably won’t have anything to say about this one for a while.


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