My little Hunter is now Level 37 and has 6 pets (4 of which are stabled of course). So far I’ve run through Azshara, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, and the Southern Barrens. Keep in mind this is all in one week, and I’ve been working on professions and some auction house stuff on the side.

The quests in these zones are way different than they used to be. Well just starting out in Azshara tells you everything you need to know really. Interestingly enough a Hunter I helped out today told me that he couldn’t go to Azshara because he didn’t have the expansion. I don’t quite thing that was the case, but I did help him find the Northern Barrens so he could get some questing in there. Funny guy, pretty much just wanted to get to 15 to start running dungeons and doing PvP. Hey that is where the good gear is.

That of course reminds me that I’ll have to run some dungeons myself. My gear is getting pretty crappy. The dungeon stuff I picked up on my earlier runs pretty much lasted me through the late 20’s. At that point I started replacing bits and pieces with stuff from a quartermaster in Stone Talon. The cool thing was that as I finished quests more of the items were unlocked, it wasn’t a rep thing.

Dungeon gear can really make a difference when you’re running around. The extra crit on the dungeon items I replaced has been hard to pick up again. That really made a difference when blowing through mobs. So far the additional hit doesn’t seem to be mowing things down as quickly, even though it should mean that I’m actually hitting mobs more often. I guess hitting mobs each time isn’t as important as getting in a big blow once in a while? Who knows, I’m still too little for it to matter.

So far leveling a hunter has been a dream. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I’m leveling as fast as I am is because I have two friends in my back pocket there to help take down anything and everything that comes at me.

Now it’s on to Dustwallow Marsh, unless I feel the need to hit Desolace. Stranglethorn is open as well but it’s probably a pretty dangerous place on a PvP server. I will need to get out there eventually though just so I can tame an ape. Maybe once I hit 40, who knows.

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