So as I’d originally planned for Cataclysm I did roll a Hunter. Thing is though the Alliance side just can’t hold all that is Creep.

I mean come on, the name says it all. It’s Horde or nothing.

With that said the Worgen couldn’t hold me to the Alliance even with all the badassery which Worgens convey.

Instead, I am now a Goblin of all things. Yeah in the past the Forsaken have been my faction of choice, (love the Undead). Really being the retarded adventurer that I am I couldn’t pass up the chance to at least run one Goblin through the starter zone just to see what it’s like.

Safe to say I enjoyed it and I like the Goblin race. They are cut throat,  greedy, polluting, ingenious little bastards. All of which make them a perfect addition to the Horde.

Now on to Hunter stuff.

So first off here’s a great post from the WoW Insider blog, the segment called Scattered Shots: Leveling a Cataclysm hunter

Keep in mind there’s two parts. If you are brand a brand spanking new Hunter, read this, no seriously, click the link and read the text, it will help you. Thank you to Oakstout for pointing it out to me.

So after doing some reading and some field work I’ve decided on my two pets for the moment. I’ve stuck with my Crab since birth Beebee. I love my little crab it has served me well.

Here’s Beebee in it’s current state at level 21. Beebee now has Pin on top of the other happy abilities that level 20 Hunter pets get. I haven’t had a chance to play with Pin much, but Beebee seems to like it and that’s all that matters. Beebee is a fisherman’s best friend since it loves eating fishies. Since I like fishing, I’ve had no trouble keeping Beebee well fed.

I went through the Ghostlands to do my Hordie initiation quest (The Lady’s Necklace), and to tame a happy little spider. That poor thing was NOT too happy to be tamed though. Sadly Spiders also ONLY eat Meat so that meant picking off some boars outside Orgrimmar to feed the little bastard.

Oh yeah, I named the spider “Itsybitsy”. The saving grace for Itsy is that once it hits 20, it gets a webbing ability. Awesome for me, sucks for everyone else.

Between the two of them I now have a Cunning Pet (Spider Itsybitsy) and a Tenacity Pet (Crab BeeBee). So I’ve got a tank as well as hopefully a fun PvP pet. In the end we shall see right?

So yeah productive day. Gobleta is at 21, she’s been through Shadowfang Keep and Wailing Caverns. She’s also tamed her second pet. I ran into a blogger friend also in Latency Lowlifes Medwa (aka Smashie the Pally). I’ll have to write up on the Latency Lowlifes too. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s some awesome peeps in the guild.

Well until next time (or next pet, whichever comes first).

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12 years ago

Great write up. The only thing is, I played a Worgan to level 10 and I hate them. Being Alliance for 6 years I wanted to be a Worgan so bad, but after playing one I hate them. They run like idiots and they are depressing. I am not one for short classes, but the Goblin fits my personality perfectly.

12 years ago

“They run like idiots” lol. That made me chuckle. But I’m glad I went with Goblin instead of Worgen. For the longest time, when Cataclysm was just in development and news of the new classes were coming out, I couldn’t imagine myself starting a Goblin as opposed to a Worgen. But fast-forward 6 months and here I am in a guild full of Goblins haha. I have no regrets though, I’ve enjoyed every second of my Goblin Shaman and I really have the Lowlifes to thank for that.