So the Shattering added some new hunter pets to WoW, one of which is the Fox. After checking this Hunter Pet out over at Petopia I had to tame one.

The Fox is a Ferocity pet type so it’s more for DPS than for tanking. That means Beebee my crab will probably be my main helper while I’m out questing for the most part, but I’ll have to see how my new little white fox Foxie does.

I did level up little Foxie while on two dungeon runs today in the Stockades and Black Fathom Deeps.  She’s now at the same level as my little Goblin around 21 I think.

While I did put Itsybitsy on the back burner for now, I know I have a spider hanging out in the stable whenever I’m ready to level it up.

I just couldn’t pass up getting a Fox pet especially since they have a little “bonus” ability called Play which makes them dance. It really is a cute dance.

While yes this isn’t the Bear, Boar, or Turtle hunter pet I should be taming for maximum leveling efficiency I do still have my Crab Beebee who is all the Tenacity pet I could ask for. That and having a crab pet is just plain strange enough for me to totally love it.

Now I just have to remember to keep them both leveled up, I think that will be a challenge.

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11 years ago

What kind of Tabard you wearing? I’m looking for a tank pet right now. My spider is awesome so I am in no hurry.

11 years ago

Oh that’s the Bilgewater Cartel tabard. I still like my crab for tanking, Oakstout wants a bear which is reccomended. I’ve heard the turtle is kinda slow.

Since we can stable a bunch of pets, might as well try out a bunch!

11 years ago

The fox is so snazzy looking. I must get one too. My hunter has only ever had a spider lol. Time to branch out.

11 years ago

I can’t get past the cuteness factor either. I went SQUEE.