Cataclysm has finally landed and I’m really impressed. It was worth the wait Blizzard made the new race areas really fun and it’s awesome to see the differences between the way things were pre and post “Shattering“. The Shattering of course being the utter upheaval of Azeroth by the big happy dragon Deathwing.

Alliance side

I did make my Worgen Hunter and couldn’t finish the starting zone due to technical difficulties with the quest to take back Gilneas. So I re-rolled a Druid and found that I really like playing a druid. The Druid Worgen made it out of the noob zone and I got her up to 18 or so I think.

While it was fun checking out the worgen noob zone as I’d wanted to, I’m done with it for now.

Horde Side

I finally managed to get in touch with Scary on Azgalor so I could join the River‘s guild High Latency Lowlifes. It’s a PvP server which made me kinda leery but meh figured I’d give it a go. It looks like they’ve got a fun collection of people there (not surprising with Scarybooster and the River involved).

So this means a whole new character on a whole new server. Oh goodie. Chances are I’ll roll and play a Death Knight if leveling seems to get to me. That and I’d like to play one of the two real hybrid classes (Paladin or Druid) but sadly Goblins can’t be either one. I could go with a Shaman but I’ve never really got very far with a Shaman so it doesn’t seem like that’s a class that I can enjoy too much.

On the plus side though the Goblin Huntard seems to level ok so I’ll just stick it out.

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11 years ago

I tried the Worgen area but found it lacked compelling quests and storyline. The goblin area was fun, fresh and very story oriented that I just had to level my hunter up and off the island.

I think you’ll like the new quests in the newbie zones that you won’t want to create a DK even if you don’t go goblin.

As a long time and quickly to become bored WoW player I’m very surprised that I am quick to praise the new expansion. 6 months from now may be a different story.