While the actual game isn’t due out for another couple of weeks, looks like Blizz is trying to set some of the changes in motion already.

Orgrimmar is totally different which is actually pretty awesome. Yeah it’s a bugger to find anything, but it looks so cool that it’s worth it. Though really, I can’t say bringing the Goblins in was such a good idea, they’re polluting the hell out of one part of OG. It’s actually kind of funny really. Though I have to wonder whether or not they would end up butting heads with the tree hugging Tauren.

So far I’ve surveyed a LOT of changes to the game. Not all of them though, not even remotely. Honestly I think I’m going to have to start some new characters just to see how much the game has really changed.

Even Brill, the Undead starter city got quite a face lift. There’s even an awesome new statue of the Dark Lady right in the middle of the town. I love the new mad sciency aspect that the Forsaken took on in WotLK. It’s nice to see that theme pushed out into the old world.

Some of the big changes I noticed that I didn’t expect? Well Thousand Needles and the Saltflats are totally underwater. No more annoying race show. Then again though, what’s going to happen to the Acona chickens? No more Chicken pets? Who knows.

Gadgetzan is now beach front property which is kind of neat. I’ll miss that graveyard that used to be right next to it, but I’ll live. What would be really neat is if there were a folding chair you could use in game to lay out on the beach and fish. Hey it does look like some kind of vacation spot now.

The Barrens of course is quite different, there’s a big cleft running through it. That and Desolace now has trees. I mean the Kodo graveyard, it’s green!

I didn’t log into the Alliance side yet, but from the Horde side it really is quite unique. I can say that it’s nifty to see Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters already in game.

I have to hand it to Blizzard. Really by starting early they have a chance to iron some things out before Cataclysm is really available. This gives folks a chance to iron out some bugs before all hell breaks loose. I mean of course when everyone and their brother start logging in for the push to 80 in pursuit of the fat lootz.

Really for me though the adventure will be in looking at a world I used to know like the back of my hand and seeing all of the changes. Now it really seems like Azeroth is more alive than I’ve ever seen it. Sure it may just be something bright and shiny that will wear off in time, but I’m looking forward to exploring the changes anyway.

It’s new, different and exciting. I like it.

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11 years ago

I logged in during the Shattering with a 7 day free trial and that is it. I’ll start to really play it when I get my new computer and Cataclysm comes out. I’m not sure my new rig will get in before Cataclysm, so I might be a little late in starting my Goblin on River’s server.