The first night I played WoW I got recruited to the Horde side by a random nice player. I really can’t thank that player enough because I really did like the Horde side.

Really it was the Undercity that sold me. I love how creep-tacular that place really is.

Yesterday I also had a blast in [The Battle for the Undercity]. The Alliance, well they get to kill the Putress, but the Horde, well we get to take back the whole damn city.

The Undercity is my favorite location in the game, AND I got to fight alongside one of my favorite game characters The Dark Lady herself Sylvanas. What’s not to love? I mean really.

These instanced quests, while yeah kind of annoying because they’re not part of the actual world, are still neat. It makes me feel like I’m living a part of the history of the World of Warcraft or rather part of “The Lore”.

Usually you just battle through things and the instance is always right there the next day. Hell if it wasn’t how would you get those awesome shoulders one day and the tank get that chest piece the next. *shudders* Even with leveling, the next time you come through that same troll won’t take the bone out of his damn nose and beat those friggin’ Murlocs himself. Lazy bastard.

Thank you Blizz for letting me battle just once with the Dark Lady. And as always reminding me of why I love the Horde side oh so much.

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