I just realized that another good friend of mine hit 80 while I was nixxed from playing wow.

Another real life friend of mine thinks I’d enjoy raiding and even be good at it. She’s also in one of the better Horde guilds on my horde server. Not a guild I’d mind being in.

My Mom still doesn’t have an 80 but she’s much closer Alliance side than Horde. I also haven’t really had much if any contact with poeple I enjoyed playing with on my Alliance server.

At this point I don’t plan on quitting wow again any time soon. I’d really like to hit the level cap, see what the end game is like and find a guild home. I’d also like to get as much of this accomplished as possible before Cataclism lands.

I didn’t think I’d ever want to be a raider, but I would at least like to give it a try so that I can close the book on it.

The downside is that my DK won’t have the same role flexibility that my paladin has. But with only 4 levels left to 80 I really just want to say f it and just level her anyway.

Mostly though I am worried that I will have leveled my DK and no one will have a need for one. Better yet that I’ll suck at raiding as a DK because I won’t get my rotations right or get the right gear/enchants/buff foods etc.

Then again maybe I’m overthinking this. If I do the research when I get where I’m going I’ll be fine. And if not, well that will tell me everything I need to know.

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12 years ago

Get on it! I’m up to 4 level 80s (Paladin, Hunter, DK, Priest) and have one sitting at 77 (Mage)! *whip crack* I’ve got my sister and brother-in-law playing now, they’re already 80 too! *whip crack*

I fail as a motivational speaker don’t I?

Oh and say hi to your Mom for me 🙂