I finally set up some bookmarks on my Droid so that I can keep track of the blogs I frequent the most. I need to add more bookmarks since there are a lot of blogs out there that I like to check out now and again.

I can really see why people got addicted to their iPhones. It really is handy having everything a laptop or netbook would do, but in a much more portable form factor. That and my Hero was a lot cheaper than those ultra small pc’s were selling for just 5 or so years ago.

Now I can Twitter, Facebook, blog, read blogs, respond to blogs and then get back into a novel when I’m done.

Sadly my battery has a hard time keeping up with me, but I blame e-mail for most of that. My Mom was joking with me saying that the only thing my phone doesn’t do is cook dinner. My response was that I could always call out fo pizza delivery.

That’s a good little Droid.

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12 years ago

I have to turn the brightness way down to have any semblance of battery life on my phone. 🙁

12 years ago
Reply to  Geistig/Sonja

I think its pretty amazing that you pump out whole blog posts on your phone!

12 years ago

iPhone ftw!!