It’s been a busy day today. Mostly online of course. There’s all kinds of rumbles from blizz-con which I really couldn’t care less about. I’ve had lots of e-mail to sort through for job #1 and fortunately not much going on yet for job #2. I’ve had a crap load of the usual house type stuff to do such as ordering my groceries for delivery via Amazon Fresh, but yeah that’s about it.

One of these days I need to write my own guide to being a bitch hermit. (Warning some strong language, duh it’s the interwebs)

Yep, I’m one of the annoying Mother Fuckers that needs to stay inside. Hey if you’re not a rampaging depressed maniac I won’t expect you to understand.

On a positive note I pre-ordered Cataclysm today. One copy for me and one for Moms. I owe her one after she bought WotLK for the both of us as our birthday/Christmas/every holiday for the rest our short meaningless lives presents.

I’m tempted to re-sub early. Moms got an e-mail talking about how inactive characters may be purged before Cataclysm so she logged in to keep them active. She did not however click on the link in the e-mail. I’m so proud of my Mom. *sniffs* I’ll be fine, just give me a moment.

Ok so safe to say I doubt that the e-mail is valid, but it got Mom to re-sub and I’m thinking about re-subbing again too. I’m just not sure if I’ll wait until Cataclysm or not. Chances are though I’m looking at going Horde. Rivs over at High Latency Life wants to start up an all Goblin Guild.

Though he’s hoping to rope everyone into a PvP server, *shudders*. PvP server or no, if Scary’s in I’m in. Getting to play in a guild with Scary again would totally be worth it. Just watching guild chat never ceased to crack me up. Moms wouldn’t mind rolling as well, not sure if she’ll be a Goblin or not, she will be able to be a Mage which so far has been her favorite class.

So I won’t be rolling a Worgen Hunter, but a Goblin Hunter. No more healing and I’m looking forward to taming a crocolisk just to annoy the crap out of people.

Today I’m just pushing though as much product box stuffing as possible so I can get a chance to begin the long ass patching required to log back in. Oh yeah AND I have to sub up again. Bleh. Oh well, Moms is excited and I’m looking forward to it as well. Even if I don’t end up in any guild, I’m looking forward to some serious candy hunting, it is Halloween time in WoW after all!

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12 years ago

I leveled ALOT of toons on PvP servers, and it’s not as bad as it use to be in terms of ganking.

Just in case I’m picking a PvP server I already have a strong presence on Azgalor, to have seed gold to keep our guild in bags, and have tabs for our bank and stuff. Also if the gankers become a problem, I got an 80 Ret Pally to deal with them.

12 years ago

I hate PvP servers. I was on one for 4 years and left. I like relaxing and playing. Rolling on PvP server is only thing that makes me not want to do this. I’ll bite my lip and try it. I will roll a Goblin Warlock or Shaman. I’ll try the Warlock first because I already have an 80 Shaman. I love my Shaman tho. I’m an alcoholic so I’ll be starting a Paladin BE to test the new system