Non-WoW Relevant MMO’s

Openedge posed this query over twitter a few days ago and it really got me thinking. What MMO’s would you consider being unique and in some way adding an element if not two to MMO’s. That is of course aside from WoW.

Warhammer – Realm vs Realm pvp, lots of folks like that, I’ve never tried Warhammer so I couldn’t say.

Runes of Magic – showed us that the eastern free to play with an in game shop is a viable market for games that just don’t have the gusto to compete as subscription based games. Oh and that people will pay $10 for a horse.

FreeRealms & Wizard 101 – showed us that there are more people out there willing to try and play MMO’s when demographics are researched and designed for properly.

Eve Online – An oldie but a goodie, has proven that there is a place for niche MMO’s that tailor to specific gaming styles.

I mean really, any MMO put out impacts the industry and the player base some how. Even poor Alganon showed us how interesting the legal battles can get (linkie).

One game that has kind of fallen through the cracks is Fallen Earth I’d like to see where this one goes over time. Why? Because this one has a dedicated development team and player base. So in that respect it has the same niche element working for it that EvE Online has.

Though one of it’s biggest benefits is that you don’t lose time leveling if you take time off for crafting. You actually gain leveling XP as you scavenge and craft. I really like this idea because, if you’re into crafting, you don’t feel like you’re torn between leveling and crafting. Fallen Earth allows you to keep up with your crafting without sacrificing leveling xp to do so.

Granted most people just say forget it and go with collecting skills only, and honestly I get that, but it’s still pretty frikking annoying.

Any who that’s my two cents.


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