I’m sure these days more families game together than they ever had in the past. Both of my brothers game together via X-Box Live accounts. Since I invested in a desktop instead of an X-Box 360, I only play MMO’s. I got Mom hooked on WoW when she came to visit me and caught me enjoying the WoW version of Octoberfest with my Shadow Priest Strategiest.

I LOVE in game holidays.

One of my brothers has been playing MMO’s a bit though, he even jumped into WoW once with me and Mom when she started up in WoW.

Since Moms and I are both getting started in LotRO my brother is thinking he’ll give it a shot too. Granted he does want to kill the Hobbits as opposed to being a Hobbit, but hey all he needs to do is leave me and Mom to our own devices and he’ll see dead Hobbits soon enough.

Honestly I’ve been jelous of the fact that my brothers have been teaming up to play Halo Reach. Especially when my baby brother brought over his X-Box 360 right after the Halo launch and let me noob it through some levels with him.

Dude I can’t play consoles to save my life.  It makes me think of Caboose trying to use the tank for the first time in the first season of Red vs Blue “why are there 6 petals if there’s only 4 directions?”

For some reason I actually prefer the complexity of computer keyboards to the simplicity of the gaming console controllers. I blame it all on the original NES and my constant failures at Super Mario Brothers. To this day I still want to beat Mario to a bloody pulp with one of those great big pipe wrenches. “How do you like this bitch!” Ahem, sorry, working out a little childhood gaming trauma. Sorry you had to see that, let’s move on.

Safe to say it’ll be interesting to see if we all end up playing together for any length of time. I know it’ll be fun even if it’s just for a few hours.

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